Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Nearly all of the furnishings are pre-owned (couches, tables, chairs, bed frames, dressers), an old hay rake is now a chandelier in the living room. The upstairs flooring came from a recycled home and the doors are from an old schoolhouse. The stairway was made from locally sourced lumber and the spindles for the stairway and the dock railings came from Tifton Aluminum. The grey water is used to water the trees, with just the toilet water going to city sewage. Each bathroom is fitted with a washlet, which reduces the need for toilet paper (and possible clogs) while providing a sanitary and friendly aid to those with or without dexterity challenges.   Recycled bluejean insulation in the interior walls and ceiling helps keep the whole house quiet.

The house is not just energy-conscious, but also people-conscious. It is fully handicap accessible, with a wheelchair lift providing access to the second floor, wider doorways, and open countertops under the cooktop and sinks. Downstairs blinds are remote controlled and the oven is at the right height to roll under for easier access. Showers are roll-in and sloped just enough to keep the water moving to the drain.