The home will take advantage of its rural setting; incorporating an edible landscape and a variety of renewable energy features. Our goal is to highlight how the landscape can be both beautiful and functional. Blueberry bushes are used instead of boxwoods.  Frost tolerant and seedless lemons and tangerines developed by Wayne Hanna are among the trees planted around the house. Great tasting and disease resistant varieties of fruits and vegetables surround the home, interspersed in a series of raised beds with flowers; something is blooming every day of the year. The pond is home to many species of fish and water birds and it is a short walk over the creek to one of the most advanced production agriculture fields available.  The leaf-shaped dock is made of recycled plastic bottles and wood palettes from Modern View decking in Macon, and is held aloft by recycled Colquitt EMC poles. Sean Hufnagle, graduate student in UGA’s College of Environment and Design, and Amy Carter, UGA-Tifton campus landscape research coordinator, created the design for the edible landscape surrounding the home.